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Project: FEELM - Films for the way you feel

· One min read
Ryan Reece


FEELM is a human-powered film discovery platform. We’re a community of movie lovers aiming to change the way we search for movies. Yeah, it’s a new way of searching, and it goes beyond just “action” or “drama” or “comedy.” Because maybe, to be precise, you feel more like “The World Needs Justice” or “Jumping out of Your Seat” or today you spent way too many hours at a desk and you have a burning itch for “Going on a Wild Ride.” Genres are out. Feelings are in.

FEELM not only quickly gives you suggestions based on what you’re in the mood for, but it also gives you everything needed to make your movie choice in one place. This includes a plot summary, a trailer link, Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews, and direct links to places you can see the movie, including everything from iTunes to Amazon to Netflix. You can even keep a list of films to watch later. And Feelm is available on iOS, AppleTV and on the web.

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